Mindful filmmakers, artists, and musicians collaborating to educate, heal, and protect the world.


Supporting education and innovation in all fields seeking to do good.


Content for a better life

From stories addressing mental well being to protecting and conserving the environment, we listen to the people around us seeking to bring positive energy to their causes.

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Light in the Darkness

It all began with a spark. Our first film brings awareness to one of the most silent afflictions in the world, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. (PTSD)

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Saving the planet is no small task, but the folks at EcoSPEARS are taking the right steps. Follow our journey to clean the world's waterways.

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National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA)

Our partnership with this important organization will be focused on working with the mentally ill as well as getting them proper help by not misusing public facilities that keep them in the system without rehabilitation.

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We're not related - but our leadership is family through and through. When you trust and believe in each other like we do, there is no goal too out of reach.

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Today’s issues.
Authentic stories.

A well rounded voice is essential for our films and content to truly represent such a uniquely diverse human experience. We explore stories by aligning ourselves with not only well-regarded experts, but the most seemingly ordinary people as well. 



Dedicated to growth.

We aren't on this journey alone. Everywhere our crews travel more creatives and supporters join the movement. Musicians seeking to bring joy and love, Journalists seeking to bring knowledge and truth, Philanthropists seeking to give back. There is a current of energy in our country that wishes to bring the world light - and that energy makes them natural allies in our vision.


We are fortunate to have many supportive partners and distributors.