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Light In The Darkness

Our book, “Light in the Darkness” Uncovering Grief and Trauma, is now available for purchase in ebook, soft cover and hardcover on Amazon.


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Light In The Darkness Book


Our mission as Humanity’s Media Company™ is to be champions for those without a voice. Together we are a light in the darkness to those who need us.

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We are a collective of super motivated and talented film makers and story tellers on a mission to bring awareness and education to most of humanity. Our first full length documentary Light in the Darkness is about PTSD and living well after trauma. We are humbled to have already won multiple awards and have received multiple laurels in the film festival circuit. We are currently working on 4 other full length documentaries and several short films that we will be posting on YouTube and social media so please subscribe to our channel to get all our latest videos and behind the scenes as well as dates and locations for our live Movie Premieres.


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Road 2 Remarkable

We all have our vehicle that takes us down the road of our lives. Some of us have a literal vehicle that changes our state and allows us to think, process and take a deeper dive into our thoughts and creativity. Giving to charity, educating others, being a light in the darkness for someone else or changing the world on a massive scale are notable vehicles to mention.

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Dedicated to Growth

We aren’t on this journey alone. Everywhere our crews travel more creatives and supporters join the movement. Musicians seeking to bring joy and love, Journalists seeking to bring knowledge and truth, Philanthropists seeking to give back. There is a current of energy in our country that wishes to bring the world light – and that energy makes them natural allies in our vision.

We are fortunate to have many supportive partners and distributors.

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