Are you connecting or are you tethered?

When is too young to introduce social electronics to children?

When is too young to introduce social electronics to children?

How long has it been since you last checked your phone? 5 minutes? 1 minute? 10 seconds? Did you imagine that last vibration? In 2019, that smart phone of yours - is a fixture of you - and for many in our world, they don’t even know escape is an option. Digital addiction is a hidden epidemic among us, and it has our society in a vice grip. Modern society is affected by the revolution of the smart phone in many difficult ways ranging from abuse of digital use, depression, changing family dynamics, serious hindrances to development in youth, and even total technological dependence on the devices. According to Pew Research Center, 77 percent of U.S. adults own a smartphone, and adoption has more than doubled since 2011 and that rapid adoption has created numerous social and health problems within our society. Our film “Tethered” addresses the trends surrounding the dependency on our smart devices, educates on the scientific reasons why this is happening, and promotes a platform for all of us to finally overcome this seemingly entrapping companion to our regular life.

Every single time we look at our screens,
we are flooded with dopamine, and the cycle of needing that rush refreshes again and again until it begins consuming our entire life.

Technology itself is neither good, nor evil. It is a tool to be used in a positive, or negative way. One of the biggest questions this film attempts to answer is where the line between the two resides. While the technology seems to be giving us capabilities our ancestors couldn’t have dreamed of, it would seem these capabilities come with a capacity for harm. Is it worth it? Can a happy medium be reached? Are the tools and technology fundamentally changing us as a species? If so, is this a problem? Is it even possible to return to a more tech-less world? Would that be better, or worse? Are we connecting, or are we tethered?

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