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Ayahuasca Wisdom: Exposing Inner Reality

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Ayahuasca Wisdom: Episode 1

Welcome to Episode 1 of the Ayahuasca Wisdom series on Conscious Conversations Podcast. Co-Founder Brian Ross interviews Author and Plant Medicine facilitator Jules Henry Rivers about his book, “Ayahuasca Wisdom: Achieving Personal Spiritual Healing with a Quantum Model of the Psyche.”

In this inaugural episode, Brian introduces Jules and provides insight into Ayahuasca basics. This 10-part series aims to demystify Ayahuasca within a non-shamanic scope, focusing on inner reality without external entities or demons.

Jules sheds light on psychology’s neglect in addressing the human soul, exploring various attributes of the soul and reasons behind Ayahuasca’s increasing presence in mainstream media due to its efficacy and safety.

The episode addresses concerns about reports of Ayahuasca-related deaths, dispelling misinformation and media hype by describing specific cases. Jules offers an experiential overview of an Ayahuasca session, highlighting its uniqueness and contrasting the experience with other entheogens like psilocybin or LSD.

Listeners are encouraged to learn more at and, setting the stage for a transformative exploration of Ayahuasca Wisdom in upcoming episodes.

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