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Do you believe in paying it forward, living in purpose and leaving others in a better place than when you met them? These are some key values and we are seeking other like us. 
Each one of our projects seeks to create awareness and empowerment for humanity. If that seems like a grand task, it really is, however, with the right partners and sponsors anything is probable and we are proving that with each new project and film we complete. 

By partnering with us, your support helps us to continue research, exposure and education for the masses. Our distribution model reaches millions all over the world. Providing value and conscious content is the reality we live in and our moral compass keeps us on track to continue our mission. 
Please know that with your help we can accomplish the seemingly impossible and reach millions with knowledge, empowerment and accurate information that may save a life.


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We're always in the planning of our next momentous story. You our your company could help make one of these crucial conversations possible by helping to finance one of our projects.


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The knowledge we find is only so valuable if it doesn't make it's way to those who need to hear it. Your sponsorship could help our marketing and public relations efforts.