Light in the Darkness 

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      A hidden epidemic affects ten percent of the American population daily and for those it grasps, hope can seem like a distant dream. Light in the Darkness is a feature length documentary dedicated to illuminating an understanding of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD.)

      In a message of hope, the film provides an opportunity of support to so many who may be struggling through difficult mental health conditions; and by means of storytelling will offer a platform for education, discussion, and healing of one of the most common diagnosis in our country. By combining the expertise of Neurologists, Psychologists, and other experts, with the experiences of Survivors and their families, Light in the Darkness will reintroduce PTSD to the national conversation at a time when trauma and mental health are meant to take center stage.

      An estimated 7.8% of Americans will experience Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) at some point in their lives. PTSD is a disorder where something major and traumatic happens, and after that major event, it creates a change in your life. Most people associate PTSD closely with Military Service; however,  many experiences are capable of causing traumatic reactions through any individual. The symptoms from this occurrence causes ripples throughout a person’s life.

           As a result of the traumatic experiences, evidence shows that the neurological networks of the human brain function improperly. This can lead to the areas of the brain, such as the amygdala, working overtime to compensate for the frontal lobe’s failure to process memory and basic function. Those who experience PTSD may withstand nightmares, flashbacks, triggers causing panic, negative feelings and paranoia, as well as isolation and depression.

Unfortunately, even though information regarding PTSD is improving, thanks to investment in post-trauma veteran aids, there is much more to be understood. This film became the center piece to our awareness campaign.  We are able to provide a resource to those who endure the difficult life of PTSD, by helping them understand that they are not alone, that there are places for them to go to heal, that there is a way to regain control and happiness.

      While many with PTSD choose to not talk about the problem, to avoid admitting the difficulties, it is important to remind people they have the strength to find help. Our film will provide resources for those with PTSD, understanding and education for the general population, an effort dedicated to instructing individuals how they can care for their loved ones. 



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