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Digital Well-being Promotion with LiveMore ScreenLess

Live More Screen Less, established in March 2019 by Marie Hampton and KK Meyers, is a pioneering organization committed to promoting digital well-being in schools, families, and workplaces. Motivated by a desire to prevent the misuse of digital media and promote overall well-being, Marie and KK leverage their backgrounds in health education, health promotion, and youth development to address the challenges posed by excessive screen time and technology dependency. With a mission to foster digital well-being, Live More Screen Less advocates for a balanced approach to screen use and technology consumption. Through comprehensive assessments and data collection, the organization examines the impact of technology on individuals and communities, particularly in educational settings. By presenting research findings to school leaders and stakeholders, Live More Screen Less facilitates the development of tailored plans and policies that prioritize digital well-being. Recognizing the multifaceted nature of behavior change, Live More Screen Less implements strategies beyond education, including communication, policy consultation, and ongoing support. By empowering parents, educators, and organizations to engage in intentional technology use, the organization aims to create environments conducive to overall well-being and optimal learning. Focused on raising awareness and promoting positive change, Live More Screen Less seeks to address complex issues such as technology addiction and its impact on mental health. Through collaboration, education, and community engagement, the organization endeavors to create a healthier relationship with technology for current and future generations.

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