ecoSPEARS - The Journey to Clean America’s Waterways

We follow the company EcoSPEARS over the course of a year as they go from start up company, their first implementation of product, and receiving results on their first deployments of their planet-saving technology. Along the way, we also get a lens into the lives of these people who put their personal ambitions towards this service driven goal. They truly believe that a small group of people can change the world when aligned to the same cause. EcoSPEARS: The Journey to Clean America’s Waterways  is not only a tale about revolutionary technology, but of set of extraordinary people whom work tirelessly to change our world for the better. We showcase why it is important that we as a country need to grapple with this legacy contamination issue; because it is not going away. It is not enough for us to simply contain this problem for the sake of our children and grandchildren, we should destroy them as it is our responsibility to do so. 

94% of America’s Tested Waterways are contaminated. Contaminated with toxins unseen by the eye. PCBs (PolyChlorinated Biphenyls) have been at play in the manufacturing and industrial sectors since 1929.

PCBs cause a plethora of diseases such as asthma, respiratory issues, cancer, high blood pressure. Thanks to their presence today, communities all across the United States are ravaged by their infection in their water systems. Many suffer the effects of these diseases, while unfortunately many of these communities are left wondering why? 

At what point are we going to say that this is not right?.

In EcoSPEARS: The Journey to Clean America’s Waterways, we find a collection of brilliant minds and personalities each dedicated to destroying harmful contaminants from our environment, so that we may all reap the benefits. Initially, their product goes to market and eventually into their first test sites in Atlanta, GA and Kalamazoo, MI, and Spokane, WA. Future sites include the Hudson River, Pearl Harbor, and many other major water systems around the country. We travel with them, experiencing the challenges of being a start up, following the journey as each site develops for them, and ultimately find hope in a team of unique eco warriors who are out to save planet Earth. The film follows their initial contacts with major decision makers in State and Federal Government agencies, their first deployments of their product, and the results of the first clean site