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Dr. Anna-Maria Tosco Joins the Conscious Content Movement

May 13, 2024

Conscious Content Inc. (CCI) is proud to announce that Dr. Anna-Maria Tosco, a celebrated psychologist and tenured academic, has joined their advisory team, bringing with her a wealth of expertise and a passionate commitment to mental health advocacy.

Dr. Tosco comes to CCI with an impressive background that includes 20 years as a collegiate faculty member and over 15 years as a licensed clinical psychologist. She has worked extensively with psychiatric populations and marginalized youth across various Canadian provinces, establishing a notable reputation for her effective therapeutic style and deep commitment to her clients’ well-being.

Renowned for her non-judgmental, straightforward approach, Dr. Tosco excels in forming meaningful connections with individuals battling mental illnesses, providing them with crucial support and guidance. Her work is characterized by a profound understanding of the root causes and effects of behavioral patterns, complemented by her ability to communicate complex psychological concepts in an accessible and engaging manner.

“Joining Conscious Content Inc. fills me with immense pride,” said Dr. Tosco. “In a world often shadowed by adversity, CCI shines as a beacon of hope, offering strength and solace to those facing various challenges. Their innovative use of storytelling to elevate the voices of the marginalized and drive real change is truly inspiring. I am thrilled to contribute to their mission and work alongside the founders, Kim and Brian, whose integrity and dedication are nothing short of extraordinary.”

Prior to joining CCI, Dr. Tosco had been actively involved in public speaking, including delivering a TEDx talk in January 2023, which further solidified her status as a leading voice in psychology. Her new role at CCI will include producing the “What If I Told You?” short-form video series on emotional wellness, designed to destigmatize mental health issues and promote help-seeking behaviors among a wider audience.

“Dr. Tosco’s addition to our team marks a significant milestone in our journey to deepen our impact on mental health awareness,” said Kimberly Resch and Brian Ross, co-founders of Conscious Content Inc. “Her expertise and enthusiasm for our cause are perfectly aligned with our goals. We look forward to her contributions, which will undoubtedly enhance our initiatives and extend our reach.”

For more information about Dr. Anna-Maria Tosco’s role at Conscious Content Inc. and the upcoming projects she will be involved in, please contact:

Dr. Anna Maria Tosco, Psychologist
Follow: Instagram @Psychology_With_AnnaMariaT