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The Unstoppable Rise of Shark Cat: From Meme to Movement

June 3, 2024

The Beginning of a Revolutionary Journey

The journey of Shark Cat has been nothing short of extraordinary. What started as a rocky venture transformed into an inspiring tale of resilience, community, and compassion. We have always kept a low profile about our crypto investments and projects, but the success and impact of Shark Cat deserves to be shared. We were focused on something else entirely and by sheer unexpected force, we were thrown into the Shark Cat ($SC) project on Solana. It was a tricky time, we were knee deep into the middle of a Regulation D fundraiser for our socially impactful film/media company, Conscious Content where you are reading this article from. We felt a strong pull from this Shark Cat project and became obsessed. Despite the initial challenges and uncomfortable timing, this adventure turned into something beautiful and positive, with a story that continues to inspire us, and we wanted to share it with you. To be clear this article is about community more than the price. It shows by example the power of what a community can do to change lives for both humans and companion animals.

The Allure of Meme Coins 

In the crypto-verse, meme coins are cryptocurrencies that originate from internet memes or have some humorous characteristics. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, which are often driven by their technological utility, meme coins typically gain popularity through social media influence and community support. This type of currency taps into the cultural zeitgeist, offering a blend of humor and investment opportunity that appeals particularly to younger generations. During this bull run, meme coins have soared in value, not just because of their viral nature, but also due to their communal and often participatory approach. Investors are drawn to the possibility of rapid gains, spurred by endorsements from celebrities and influencers. Platforms like Solana, known for their fast transactions and lower fees, provide an ideal environment for these playful yet potent projects. This backdrop sets the stage for meme coins like Shark Cat, which resonate with a wide audience by combining lighthearted appeal with community.

 The Meteoric Roller Coaster

Shark Cat hit the market on March 26, 2024, and exploded from zero to a $390 million market cap in just five days. Then, when the news of the IP discrepancy broke, the token plummeted to $50 million. But within days, after resolving the issue, it bounced back to $170 million. Since then, Shark Cat has been holding steady between $70 and $100 million. This phase, known as consolidation, it’s money rotating through various projects. If you follow crypto news, you’ll know that Solana is the hottest chain for projects this cycle. Shark Cat, often referenced as the little sister of $Wif Dog (with a $3.5 billion market cap), is on fire. With the same big project holders in both tokens, Shark Cat’s potential is enormous.

A Rocky Start

Our journey with Shark Cat began on shaky ground. In the crypto world, legalities around real-world brands seem vague. When Nala discovered her image was being used without her knowledge, it was uncharted territory. Typically, projects don’t consider these issues, although they should. Shark Cat’s developer abandoned the project within hours of the launch on day 1, leaving the community to rebuild from scratch, this can be referenced as a rug pull. This courageous move gave the project real credibility, showing that the community was in control, distributing all tokens and protecting the project.

Bridging Hearts and Minds

We were asked to understand the community and help them make the right decisions, which most were eager to do. In a record nine days, Nala and the token reached an agreement, granting a license to use Nala’s face. This outcome was groundbreaking, the first of its kind with a global brand. The community played a vital role, turning a dark situation into one filled with love and cooperation. Over 20,000 people moving in lockstep is a sight to behold. Powerful things can get done with this kind of community effort.

The Power of IP Rights

IP rights are crucial if a brand has a protected intellectual property claim. We discovered a license is mandatory for any crypto project aiming to list on any exchange, especially top-tier exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, or Kraken. This due diligence protects the exchange, the token holders and the crypto space as a whole.

Meme Coins with Heart

Meme coins might seem ridiculous at first, but they’re backed by hundreds of thousands of people. These tokens have market caps of tens of billions, bigger than many companies and even some countries’ GDPs. No matter what you’ve heard or how you feel about them, this is just a fact. Meme coins like Shark Cat have unique appeal, symbolized by elements like Shark Cat’s hat, resonating with a wide audience much like the Nike swoosh.

The Perfect Fit

Our nonprofit, Conscious Humanity, Inc., with its animated series “ResQ Super Squad”, was already licensed with Nala Cat, making it a perfect fit for Shark Cat. Our film, “Rescue Story: Saving Companion Animals,” is a supportive and educational film made available to the community through our ad free streaming online platform at

A Heartwarming Rescue

Now that we were involved as a charity in the Shark Cat community, ResQ facilitated a rescue operation for Shark Cat, Nala, and the community, adding utility by enabling donations to save animals. This effort has already led to real-life animal rescues. Another rescue associated with Nala Cat making moves is Crooked Tails Animal Rescue, they provide a rescue option to marginalized senior companion animals who’ve been abandoned, or who need care and need a forever community to live in until they pass.

Real Lives Being Saved

A community member in LA found a feral cat with a prolapsed uterus and four premature kittens. He reached out to us at the @resqverse, and despite several rescues not responding, one small rescue did. The cat underwent surgery, and her kittens were hand-fed, saving their lives. The Shark Cat community quickly raised the necessary funds, showing their passion and commitment. The funds were raised in less than 28 minutes, and within an hour, the bill was paid, and post-care for the mom and kittens was arranged.

The Bigger Picture

This story highlights the incredible potential of meme culture and crypto to revolutionize nonprofit funding. Celebrities like Iggy Azalea, Paul Milsap, Jacob Artist and John Cena have recognized the project’s power and are following its journey. Massive cat account communities on X with millions of followers have liked and shared the shark cat journey. Some even going to the extent of wanting to educate their following on the importance of what’s happening in the Crypto space. We all know this, Crypto is here to stay. Nala Cat, the world’s most followed cat on social media, and the idea of a charity partner adds to the project’s viral appeal.

An Inspiring Future

This story is far from over, but the outcome is destined to be legendary. With a strong community, innovative funding methods, and broad appeal, Shark Cat will continue to make waves in the crypto world and real-life animal rescue efforts. The journey has been nothing short of inspiring, and we’re excited to see where it leads.


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