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Tethered, Are We the Experiment?

Tethered: Are We the Experiment?

Dive into the captivating narrative of “Tethered,” an International Award-Winning Film from Conscious Content Inc (CCI) that courageously confronts the concealed epidemic of digital addiction in today’s society. As smartphones continue to reshape our lives, this film sheds light on the intricate ways technology has ensnared our collective well-being, leading to issues such as digital abuse, depression, and shifts in family dynamics, while impeding youth development. In a world where 77 percent of U.S. adults own a smartphone (Pew Research Center), “Tethered” reveals the alarming social and health problems stemming from the rapid adoption of these devices since 2011. Through thought-provoking interviews curated by CCI, the film serves as an enlightening resource, delving into the multifaceted impacts of smartphone dependency. Provoking the question “Are We the Experiment?” the narrative explores the symbiotic relationship between individuals and smartphones, highlighting the unexplored option of escape for many. “Tethered” boldly asserts that smartphones have evolved into fixtures of our identities, presenting significant challenges beyond mere convenience. Urging action, the film emphasizes the urgency of addressing this hidden epidemic, offering insights into the scientific foundations of our attachment to these devices while advocating for collective action to break free from their grip. More than just a film, “Tethered” is a call to action—an evocative journey into the modern human experience tethered to our digital companions. It challenges us to liberate ourselves from technology’s hold and embark on a path toward a healthier, more balanced existence.


Director's Statement

In an era where technology has fundamentally transformed our lives—connecting the world, altering social interactions through platforms like social media, and reshaping the way we conduct business—this film endeavors to dissect the repercussions of our digital integration. Delving into the impact on our minds, the consequences of exposing the youth to pervasive technology, and the broader societal shifts, the narrative explores the unsettling effects, posing significant questions about the delicate balance between the positives and negatives inherent in our technological advancements.

Acknowledging that technology is a neutral tool, neither inherently good nor evil, the film grapples with the pivotal question of where the boundary lies between its positive and negative applications. While our technological capabilities surpass the wildest dreams of our ancestors, this newfound power raises profound concerns about the potential for harm. The film confronts the pressing inquiry: Is the trade-off worth it? Can we strike a harmonious balance? Is our evolving relationship with tools and technology fundamentally altering the essence of our species? If so, is this transformation problematic? And crucially, can we feasibly revert to a more tech-free existence, and would that even be desirable?

In the face of unprecedented connectivity, the film challenges us to reflect on whether we are genuinely fostering connections or merely becoming tethered to a digital realm, prompting contemplation on the intricate dynamics between technology and our well-being.

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