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Workplace Garden Brigid Schulte – Changing Time

Clock Changes Spark Worker Unions

In the compelling snippet from Conscious Content’s film, “Workplace Garden”, New York Times Bestselling Author Brigid Schulte takes center stage to illuminate a fascinating chapter in industrial history. Delving into the transformative effects of clock changes, Schulte unravels the story of how these alterations detrimentally affected factory workers, subjecting them to prolonged and grueling work hours. The narrative unfolds to reveal a pivotal turning point, marked by worker protests that catalyzed the formation of the first worker unions.

Schulte’s articulate exploration provides a nuanced understanding of how seemingly innocuous changes, such as adjusting the clock, can have profound and far-reaching consequences on the lives of laborers. Her narrative not only delves into historical events but also prompts contemplation on the enduring impact of workers’ struggles for fair and humane working conditions. This serves as a poignant reminder of the resilience and collective power of workers throughout history, echoing the importance of fair labor practices and the establishment of unions to safeguard the rights and well-being of the workforce.

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