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Workplace Garden – Redefining the Social Contract

Workplace Garden – Redefining the Social Contract

Discover workplace transformation in Workplace Garden – Redefining the Social Contract an Award-Winning film redefining the social contract. Embark on an enlightening journey with this International Award-Winning Film by Conscious Content, unveiling a groundbreaking perspective on the American workforce. With the average American dedicating nearly 90,000 hours to work in their lifetime, the film delves into the often stressful and emotionally taxing nature of this experience, shedding light on the transformative potential of Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR) showcased through modern corporate wellness programs. Immerse yourself in the narrative as it navigates the proven benefits of these programs. Discover how they enhance employee behaviors, reduce health risks, lower healthcare costs, elevate productivity, and mitigate absenteeism. Through insightful interviews curated by CCI, the film not only educates but also establishes a profound connection with the audience, emphasizing the transformative impact of prioritizing employee well-being. “The Workplace Garden” transcends mere exploration, aiming to redefine the social contract between employers and employees. In a landscape where work dominates a significant portion of our lives, the film introduces leaders and role models in corporate culture who illuminate a path toward true health and happiness in the workplace. It sparks hope for a future where employers nationwide embrace these essential programs, creating a symbiotic relationship that fosters a better life for all those they serve. 76hj8ytThis film serves as a beacon, encouraging a shift in mindset towards a more holistic and compassionate approach to work. It ultimately redefines the narrative of the workplace as a garden where the seeds of health, happiness, and productivity flourish.


Director's Statement

“Workplace Garden” sheds light on concerning realities. Nearly half of workers report gaining weight on the job, with a quarter considering work their primary stress source. Led by acclaimed author Leigh Stringer and industry experts, this film delves into the myriad issues facing American workers, from obesity to stress, absenteeism, and presenteeism. Featuring conversations with workplace wellness pioneers, including environmental designers and healthcare providers, “Workplace Garden” unveils strategies to counteract alarming trends. By asking crucial questions about the origins of these challenges and the priorities for change, the film navigates the complexities of the modern workplace and the potential of technology and flexible work arrangements. As a filmmaker, I’ve witnessed widespread workplace dissatisfaction globally. With this film, I aim to offer a beacon of hope, showcasing that positive changes are possible. It empowers individuals with practical adjustments for happier, healthier lives and sends a compelling message to business owners. Workplace health and wellness are not just optional extras but essential components of responsible business practices. Ultimately, I seek to appeal to decision-makers, stressing that prioritizing employee well-being isn’t just financially smart but a moral imperative.

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